Nuclear Operations

The Nuclear Operations capability consists of 4 capabilities providing technical support (commercial work, R&D, nuclear foresight & advice) to a wide range of customers including the UK government.

Nuclear Operations

Capability Teams

The Nuclear Operations capability consists of 4 capabilities providing technical support (commercial work, R&D, nuclear foresight & advice) to a wide range of customers including the UK government.

The Measurement & Analysis Capability is formed of the following teams (i) Measurement & Analysis Preston (ii) Measurement & Analysis Sellafield and (iii) Insitu Measurement Analysis specialising in:

  • M&A (B170 + A709) – UKAS analysis for radiometric determination alpha, beat, gamma & x-ray, using various chemical and physical techniques.
  • Instrument & insitu analysis – Method development and instrumentation testing for in-line analysis.

The Modelling Capability is formed of the following teams (i) Structural & Thermal Modelling (ii) Chemical & Processing modelling (iii) Operational Research & Statistics and (iv) Robotic simulation specialising in:

  • Thermal Analysis and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
  • Structural, Impact, Seismic, and Dynamic Assessments using finite element analysis and design code assessment
  • Process and Chemical Modelling supporting: Process optimisation and design, Safety case, Experimental research, and Flowsheeting
  • Data analysis, statistics, and operational analysis across the nuclear fuel cycle
  • Development and quality assurance of specialised bespoke software applications/tools along with the knowledge and application of various commercial software codes. Including /3-D Simulation/ Path planning
  • HPC and high-powered computing systems offering strategic modelling and digital opportunities for future business growth

The Nuclear Safety, Security and Safeguard Capability is constructed of the following teams (i) Nuclear Safety and (ii) Safety Engineering and Assessment provide expertise in the following areas:

  • Security & Safeguards: Nuclear material accountancy and safeguards services , Nuclear security services for technical training of IAEA, HMG / agency inspectors, analysts in addition to workforce security awareness training, development
  • Nuclear safety – Criticality, chemotoxic and radiological hazard analysis & consequence modelling, human factors review (Task Analysis, Ergonomics) Independent Nuclear Safety Assessment (INSA)
  • Safety engineering assessments – Engineering substantiation reconciliation, optioneering and fault identification through Hazop studies

The Plant Intervention Capability is made up of the following teams (i) Engineering Design and Robotics and (ii) Plant Inspection provide expertise in the following areas:

  • Plant Inspection & Development for investigation and condition monitoring of nuclear facilities, Including non-destructive testing services, component and structural failure assessments and corrosion detection and prediction
  • Remote Engineering support to plants Inactive demonstration, design, build and trials Mechanical 2/ 3-D design
  • Robotics and Robotics simulation development & consultancy Robotics/Design and active and inactive robotics rigs
Modelling and Simulation

The capability covers the full spectrum of modelling tool sets that support all areas of the nuclear fuel cycle. Allowing for future design, accurate forecasting, optimisation, verification and validation.

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Measurement and Analysis

The M&A capability will have the ability to deliver routine UKAS accredited analysis on a range of active materials and undertake R&D in the area of radiometric analysis.

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Plant Intervention

NNL has over 40 years of experience providing a professional plant intervention service for customers in nuclear and harsh environments. We provide a full range of services including the design, development, test and deployment of purpose built, remotely operable, inspection and intervention systems for use within nuclear production and power plants, and for decommissioning activities.

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Safety, Security and Safeguards

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