Waste Management and Decommissioning

WM&D carries out R&D and provides operational plant support services covering processing of operational and historic wastes, management of liquid and aerial effluents, waste immobilisation of LLW and higher activity wastes (cementation, vitrification), decommissioning, management of radioactive contaminated land and both surface and geological disposal.

Waste Packing & Disposal – Environmental Chemistry

The EC team is mainly based at Risley, but there are team members based at Springfields and Sellafield. The team of 13 people has a range of technical backgrounds including Chemistry, Environmental Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Geology, Physics, and Computational Modelling.

The team principally undertakes desk-based assessment work, but some site work related to waste characterisation is also performed.

The EC team provides support to three areas of work:

  • Risk/Environmental Assessments
  • Environmental Investigations
  • Disposal and Waste Management

Customers: SL, NDA, RWM, EA, Magnox, EDF, MoD, EU.

Skills: 5 classified workers, 2 trained in conducting Environmental Assessments
Facilities: GIS, hand-held monitors, LIBS, RAMAN, LIDAR, EnVi.

Collaborations: Uni or Manchester, Lancaster University, Galson Sciences Ltd, TORONE, Pharos, Imitech